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This is how company doctors issue vaccination certificates

Issuing digital vaccination certificates

Information for company doctors

As a company doctor, you now have the possibility to issue certificates of vaccination.

Ready-made, standard systems

As a company doctor, you can use ready-made, standardised systems to issue certificates. They run in parallel to your current software environment. These standardised systems already have an established interface to the certificate service, offering it integrated into existing software or as an alternative Web application. If you decide to use a ready-made standardised system to issue certificates, there are software providers that are already integrated with the service. They are listed below; please contact them directly for further information and the next steps to take:

Remember your identification number

To connect to the service, you are required to obtain an official, unique identification number from your professional association or from Bundesdruckerei, identifying you as a vaccination clinic.

    Integration of additional standard software systems

    If you are a company doctor who uses software that is not from one of the providers already integrated, please contact your software provider. We are happy to help integrate other manufacturers. For providers such as these, there is an option to add an interface to the RKI certificate service in the standardised software system that you use for vaccination-related matters. The specific technical requirements for this are documented on GitHub.