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Issue EU Digital COVID Certificates quickly and easily

The Vaccination Certificate Service

Issue EU Digital COVID Certificates quickly and easily

Use the Vaccination Certificate Service and create an EU Digital COVID Certificate for Covid-19 vaccination without much effort.

Briefly explained: The Vaccination Certificate Service

The Vaccination Certificate Service allows vaccination centres, medical practices, pharmacies and public health departments to issue an EU digital COVID certificate for Corona vaccination. Medical practices can install the vaccination certificate service as a desktop application on the practice computer. This way, there is no need to enter personal data by hand. Vaccination centres, pharmacies and health offices, on the other hand, please use the web application.

All information compactly in one document:

How to use the Vaccination Certificate Service correctly

  1. 1 Log in

    Enter your user details to log into the Vaccination Certificate Service.

  2. 2 Document the status

    Enter all the required information for the vaccinated person and create an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

  3. 3 Hand over the certificate

    Have the vaccinated person scan the QR code with the CovPass-App or print out the EU Digital COVID Certificate. 

Here is how it works

  1. 1

    Log into the Vaccination Certificate Service

    To use the vaccination certificate service, you need to register once. Staff in vaccination centres and public health departments receive the access data for the web application from the responsible IT managers. Medical practices, on the other hand, can log into the web application or install the desktop client on the practice computer. You will receive the access data from your KV or your responsible IT service provider. Detailed information on logging in can be found online in the installation instructions on the material page.

  2. 2

    Document the vaccination status

    After one-time use, simply enter the first name(s), surname and date of birth of the vaccinated person in the online form. If you are using the desktop client, the personal data is automatically transferred to the form. Then select the corresponding data of the vaccination carried out. The EU digital COVID certificate for Corona vaccination can now be generated.

  3. 3

    Hand over the vaccination certificate

    The EU Digital COVID Certificate of vaccination is issued with a QR code. The vaccinated person can scan this QR code from your computer screen using the CovPass-App. You can also print the certificate, including the QR code, on paper and give this paper to the person.

Ein Stapel Dokumente, der zusammengebunden und mit einem Schloss gesichert ist.

Important information about data protection

The medical facility ensures that the EU Digital COVID Certificate is transmitted or given to the vaccinated person confidentially. The EU Digital COVID Certificate is secured with a signature which protects it against forgery.

    Do you have questions?

    • How do I install and use the vaccination certificate service?

      Step-by-step instructions for installation, registration and use, as well as further informational material, can be found for download on the following page:

    • What data do I need to record in the vaccination certificate service?

      Enter the following data in the input fields: First name(s), surname, date of birth.

      The name must be written exactly the same way it appears in the presented ID.

      Select the following fields: vaccine, date of vaccination and vaccine dose. Additional information such as the disease targeted, product, manufacturer, country, overall number of doses and issuer of the technical certificate are automatically added by the vaccination certificate service. No personal data is permanently stored at a central location.

    • As a company doctor, how can I use the vaccination certificate service?

      As a company doctor, you have two ways to issue certificates of vaccination and recovery:

      1. Interface to RKI certificate service from the separate standard software system. The specific technical requirements for this must be clarified with IBM Germany and are documented on GitHub GitHub.

      2. Preconfigured standard systems that already have an interface to the RKI certificate service.
        In both cases you need an official unique ID number as a vaccination clinic. You receive this through your professional association or from Bundesdruckerei.

      More information can be found at